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2009-05-09, 13:32

Engelholmiana in English


I am your host on this site - "Engelholmiana iFokus".

"Engelholmiana in Focus" is a site with the city of Ängelholm in the center, but with lots of room for the adjacent like surrounding parishes. 

On this site we discuss the historical facts, all the interesting places in the surroundings and of course all the interesting people that lived here during the past.

So if you are interested in anything that has taken place in the surroundings of Ängelholm - this could be the site for you.

Unfortunately iFokus doesn’t have an English version. However, I do believe that a lot of our members would like to help any guest posting a question/query here in English. So here is a way to approach “Proveniens iFokus” in English:

"Engelholmina" in Google translate version looks like this.

You will quickly realize that the translation is not perfect. I still hope it is good enough to help you make some of the information on the site available to you. I also hope that you will let us help you. Please ask about anything!

2009-05-09, 13:41

To put a quest here you will have to become a member. This is of course free and all you have to do is put your preferred username in the orange box on the right.

Then you have to add your e-mail adress and a password. The e-mail adress is just to make it possible for us to remind you of your password. You will not receieve any junk mail!

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